Bongo Chicken

West-African Style Bongo Chicken

This is one of my personal favorites, it can be used for whole chicken, thighs, drums and breasts.


1 tbsp of salt

1 bulb of onion

1 tbsp of sugar

1 tbsp of oregano

1 tbsp of cinnamon

1 tbsp of soy sauce

1 cup of water

1 tbsp of oil

2 habanero peppers


Blend all these ingredients together for about 5 minutes. After you’re done smear the whole chicken with the bongo seasoning generously. Set it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day set the chicken in a conventional oven and set oven temperature at 350 degrees F and let it bake for 2 hours and then your bongo chicken will be ready to eaten.

2 thoughts on “Bongo Chicken

  1. Evi

    I’ve never heard of bongo chicken. What country in Africa does this originate from and what’s bongo mean? It sounds delicious.

    1. Fred Nonterah

      Hi Evi,

      It is something I came up with myself, now you’ve heard about it :). Thanks for your comment.

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